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Jill has an extraordinary understanding of the psychology of people coupled with compassion, wit and insight. Plus, she is a joy to be around.


She has helped me refine my own offerings, guiding me to better understand my own capabilities, and to get to the heart of what people want.


I have watched her body of work grow over the years into its current form. I find her thinking a rare combination of both big-picture and granular in-the-moment skill. She knows both people, and processes. I have full confidence she will help any organization find deeper employee engagement, more vital connections to their mission and one another, and a more unified vision for the future that feels energizing for all concerned. You would be wise to hire her pronto. She is a gem.

- Susan Harrow, CEO of and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins)

I have known Jill Nagle as a counselor/teacher, and also as a friend and community member for many years.   I describe her as one of those few individuals who fully uses and integrate both sides of her brain. On the one side she is logical, highly organized, and business-minded. On the other, she is warm, caring, communicative, and creative.


She gives fully of herself in her own personal social circle, in her professional practice, and in the community as a whole. I would highly recommend her to your organization.

- Robert Bonem, MA, MAED, Life coach/educator

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