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Over decades of study, we have distilled, synthesized, and created some particularly effective tools. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Internal reference refers to how we cut through 88% of the mental clutter that interferes with clear thinking, and connected communication. One of the best tools we have had the pleasure of learning and teaching for getting internally referenced is Nonviolent Communication, based in the work of Marshall Rosenberg. The English language constantly forces our attribution of truth to a nonexistent external source. For example, we ask things like "Was that messed up?" and "Am I wrong?", as if the answer existed "out there."

    WHY: When we learn
     how to recognize externally-referenced language and replace it with internally-referenced language, we get experience greater clarity for ourselves and others, and more ability to connect across differences. Read some of my early thinking on this on

  • The Five Personality Patterns help us understand the five main somatic (bodily) ways humans respond involuntarily to outside stimuli. Once we see these patterns in ourselves and others, we can work with them to create greater range of choice in what we say and do, and pave the way for others to shine.

    WHY: Way more than the Enneagram, astrology, Myers-Briggs, or any other system of classifying and understanding human behavior, the Five Personality Patterns has helped my clients accelerate their transformation, expand their choices, and find peace of mind.

  • More soon...

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