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22nd Century Leaders

Create White Anti-Racist Culture

Logistics  •  Cost  •  FAQ



  • The program is structured "Khan Academy" style

  • This means that we meet each month for two 90-minute highly interactive coaching labs, where participants set the agenda

  • Dates are every other Sunday from 4-5:30 PM Pacific Time, subject to change. 

  • In between those meetings, we invite you to:

    • Consume video and written program content at your own pace 

    • Meet with your pod of two or three others



Financial abundance:       $597/month, 10% discount for prepayment of six months = $3224
    Supports others
Financial adequacy:          $297/month, 10% discount for prepayment of six months = $2144
   Covers your costs
Financial stress:                 $197/month, 10% discount for prepayment of six months = $1064
   Supports you

Contact us for rates. Application process is the same.



Asked Questions

  • Do you accept anyone into the course? What are the criteria?
    This course is for white people at any stage of their journey who want to help create anti-racist culture. A white person is defined as a light-skinned person of European descent who receives white privilege/advantage. Mixed-blood people who receive white privilege/advantage in any measure are welcome.
  • What do you mean, “multidimensional”?"
    Many schools of thought emphasize one aspect of how we work, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, cognitive, strategic, or political. We work with the whole human, including our relationship to nature, our bodies, our minds, our ancestries, and so on. We see everything as interconnected, and affecting everything else, so our approach takes all of this into account. Not every aspect will resonate equally with everyone.
  • Does the program or its leaders have a particular political slant?
    The short answer is, No. The skills and perspectives we teach fall outside of most political ideologies we have seen, and certainly far outside the two-party system of the United States of America. Our intention is that anyone within or outside of any place on any political spectrum will be able to use these skills to lead more effectively.
  • I am new to all this. Is this group for me?
    Beginners to personal growth, leadership, and dismantling systems of oppression are very welcome. No prerequisites are required. However, a deep commitment is. We recommend that you look over the application, see if you feel drawn to completing it, and if so, we’ll talk once you have, and see if we’re a great fit!
  • How long after I complete the application can I expect to hear from you?
    We will be in touch with you within several days of your completing the application to schedule a follow-up conversation. If you don’t hear from us, please email Jill at
  • What is your payment/refund policy?
    If you are paying in full, payment in full is required a week prior to the beginning of the program. If you are paying monthly, the first of six payments is due two weeks prior to the first meeting of the program, and monthly thereafter. Full refunds are issued 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. 80% refunds are issued up to a week prior. - If you drop out of the course after the first day, you will get a full refund of the remainder of what you have paid. - If you drop out of the course after the second day, you will get an 80% refund of the remainder of what you have paid. - After the second day there are no refunds, though you may apply a percentage of your tuition to a future cohort.
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