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Each month’s kickoff meets on the first Sunday of each month (skipping August) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific time, with three breaks (this is an approximate timeframe). We’ll meet virtually until it’s safe to do otherwise. We will also have some socially-distanced nature time. Additional meetings include small group work, and two evening practice labs, dates and times TBD.


The first long meeting of each month will be an unlimited size, and consist of presentations, individual exercises, large group discussions, and some small group work. 
Each small cohort will be no more than 12 people. Small group work will be 3-4 people,  and structured and scheduled according to individual students’ schedules and other preferences.



A lot factors in to the fees charged for 22nd Century Leaders programs individual participants:

  • We value inclusion. We want to make this opportunity available to people at a variety of income levels.

  • We're offering an experience of unprecedented depth and value. 

  • We resonate with the principles of a gift economy.

  • We are training a generation of leaders with tools to help lead the coming shift in consciousness. 


In keeping with that:

  • We ask that you pay an amount of tuition for the program that you can afford to give, that you would enjoy giving, and that reflects the value of the course.

  • We would like for the amount you contribute to feel impactful, but not painful; to stretch you, not break or harm you.

  • Here’s a starting point:  .036 of the gross income you expect to earn in 2021.


If you’re supporting others, or have medical or other expenses, consider paying less. If you have lots of savings and low living expenses, consider paying more. This will contribute to others being able to attend who need to pay less.

Contact us for rates. Application process is the same.



Asked Questions

Do you accept anyone into the course? What are the criteria?

This course is for leaders at any stage of their journey who feel strongly that they’re on a world-changing path, and want high-quality, effective support and coaching to help them grow as a person, incorporate ally and advocacy work into their mission, and get strategic help to achieve even greater effects.

What do you mean, “multidimensional”?

Many approaches to transformation emphasize one aspect of how we work, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, cognitive, strategic, or political. We work with the whole human, including our relationship to nature, our bodies, our minds, our ancestries, and so on. Everything is interconnected and affects everything else, so our approach takes all of this into account. Not every aspect will resonate equally with everyone.

I am new to all this. Is this group for me?

Beginners to personal growth, leadership, and dismantling white supremacy are very welcome. No prerequisites are required. However, a deep commitment is. I recommend that you look over the application, see if you feel drawn to completing it, and if so, we’ll talk once you have, and see if we’re a great fit!

How long after I complete the application can I expect to hear from you?

I will be in touch with you within several days of your completing the application to schedule a follow-up conversation. If you don’t hear from me, please email me at jillcnagle@gmail.com.

Does the program or its leaders have a particular political slant?

The short answer is, No. The skills and perspectives we teach fall outside of most political ideologies we have seen, and certainly far outside the two-party system of the United States of America. Our intention is that anyone within or outside of any place on any political spectrum will be able to use these skills to lead more effectively.