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Free offerings


Deep Drop-in for Jews and Allies (who attend with Jews)
Who are Holding Complexity, Parodox, Compassion for All

Typically held on Sundays or Fridays from 3:00 - 4:15 PM Pacific Time
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM Eastern Time. This is a free event.

In the face of extreme polarization, anti-Semitism, and mass extermination of  Palestinians, this is an invitation to Jews and our allies to come and be held and witnessed with compassion.

To attend this, email Jill at telling her how you align with the intention of the group. If it's a good fit, she'll add you to a Google calendar invite.

MeSourced Meditation

Your body, mind, spirit, and emotions “oxygen mask”
to enable you for everything else

     With so much happening on Earth and in our own individual lives, it can be challenging to show up and be the change we want to see in the world. Let's begin with your body.
    Take a moment to look at the image to the left, and breathe into your core, the very center of yourself along your spine. Feel your spinal column and the soles of your feet root downward into the earth... feel your sense of belonging here on the planet.
    Breathe yourself “full of yourself,” a bubble that is simply you, and no one else...feel into where you end and others begin, your sacred boundary, that keeps you whole. Sweep out whatever does not belong.
    It is from this place that you can move in the world, in your relationships, and on your own behalf most effectively.

Experience an audio version of the MeSourced Meditation:
Mesourced Meditation
00:00 / 14:24

Going Further:
Tender and Tenacious Tools for Troubled Times

A series of free participatory workshops (topics and 2024 dates TBD) with perspectives, tools, and practices for care of self and others in these times of polarization, violence in words and actions, social media cancel culture, and profound isolation. 

Events generally feature:

  • A theme, loosely held, that may vary depending on what's alive for the group

  • An opportunity for one or two people to do one-on-one work in front of the group

  • Small group work if group size, topic, time and willingness of group permit

  • A space of love, acceptance, and freedom to stumble without judgment

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi
Touching the Surface
Business Meeting

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