The future of evolution is

conscious relationship.

Half to three-quarters of your team are currently exploring

other options.

We help leaders of startups, small companies, and nonprofits tap into their teams’ hidden strengths, to retain top talent, and create more of  the outcomes they want.

The future of evolution, and of employee engagement,

is conscious relationship.

The most impactful way we can evolve as a species is to cultivate and co-create higher-quality relationships: with ourselves, with the patterns and thought-forms that drive our behavior, with the other humans around us, and with the planet.


Where we succeed in this, our governments, organizations, businesses, and partnerships thrive. Where we face challenges, we can repair, reconnect, and get back on track.

Study after study shows that quality of relationship--mattering, belonging, connecting within diversity, feeling appreciated, and so on--are the kinds of things that make people stay with a company.


Well-tended-to relationships also free up time, increase efficiency, engagement, organizational intelligence, and help preempt costly HR and legal measures.


Workplaces are ripe for the simple and effective relationship tools we have distilled over the last four decades--tools not available anywhere else.  


They improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves, our families, our teams, and our customers. Workplace results include improved engagement, retention, morale, productivity, and innovation.

From the bird's-eye view, these tools enable us to pilot our company's ship into the future rather than getting tossed by the waves of change.

Is it time to evolve?