About Jill Nagle

Jill Nagle helps forward-thinking leaders align their group or organization's inner workings with their brand vision. Her current focus is cofacilitating the 9-month 22nd Century Leaders program, starting in April, 2021, with Cleo Manago.


She began her study of interpersonal communication at age eight when she read Haim Ginott's Between Parent and Child and attempted to teach her father how to talk to her. Since then, she has aimed her offerings at more receptive audiences.


She has been published or reviewed more than 150 times in the genres of business, personal growth, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and social commentary, including American Book Review, The Women’s Review of Books, Zendesk, and many more. Her user experience writing and content strategies appear in websites of companies such as Apple, eBay, and Symantec. She is also a multiply-patented inventor, and four-time entrepreneur.

She founded Evolutionary Workplace, and Wisdom of The Body: Beyond Talk Therapy, and cofounded of Awake Parent Perspectives. She coaches, counsels, and trains individuals, couples and groups. Her multidimensional approach draws on and synthesizes cognitive, emotional, somatic, interpersonal, and energy-based methods. She is currently working on two books: One about white people's role in dismantling white supremacy, and the other about reclaiming clarity from the default English language fog.

By the way, this is my mom's side of the family, about 1952, in Miami Beach. What I notice here is:

  • Everyone is facing the same direction, inspired by their leader's (in this case, dad's) vision

  • They're dressed uniformly, yet each is clearly an individual

  • Their excitement about the task at hand is obvious

  • They're so engaged in the process, that whether or not dad actually catches the fish may be the least important thing.

If they can manage this in Miami Beach in 1952, imagine what can happen in your organization!

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