Anti-racist Leadership Coaching with Jill Nagle and Cleo Manago


Every new encounter you have brings another possibility to show up in transformative ways.

Unfortunately, we don't get taught how to do this. 

Yet, if we work, play, or even just talk with other humans, we have opportunities all around.

You can bring vital anti-racism and other transformative counter-oppression presence to any environment.

Video Conference
Discussing project on screen

Foundational insights, frameworks, and lots of practice, help you become more and more effective at making a difference, in one-on-one conversations... 

...and also with the strategies, techniques, and perspectives you'll now be able to bring to the projects you work on.

Colleagues in Hallway
Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi
Touching the Surface
Business Meeting

...and it begins from the inside out.


We work with you to:

  • Polish your lens of perception (replace confusion with clarity)

  • Master your Somatic patterns of attention (conditioned bodily responses)

  • Draw strength from your leadership archetypes

  • ...and much more.



  1. Apply here, individually or with a group of two or more. 

  2. You pay a flat fee of $6000, up front, to be used however you wish over the next six months. That's 20 hours of Cleo's time, Jill's time, or both of us together (we track our time separately). ​​
    - We also offer juicy homework assignments.

  3. We recommend an initial 90 minutes with both of us (counts as 3 hours, per above) to start, and then a monthly structure of either:
    - Two 45-min sessions with both of us or
    - Two 90-min sessions with one of us, or one and then the other

  4. Sign up with a buddy, or in a group, and get 5% or 10% off, plus a built-in structure to more deeply integrate your learnings