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Anti-racist Leadership Coaching with Jill Nagle
including special meetings with Cleo Manago


Every new encounter you have brings another possibility to show up in transformative ways.

Unfortunately, we don't get taught how to do this. 

Yet, if we work, play, or even just talk with other humans, we have opportunities all around.

You can bring vital anti-racist words, actions, and presence to any environment.

This too is leadership.

Video Conference
Discussing project on screen

Foundational insights, frameworks, and lots of practice, help you become more and more effective at making a difference, in one-on-one conversations... 

...and also with the strategies, techniques, and perspectives you'll now be able to bring to the projects you work on.

Colleagues in Hallway
Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi
Touching the Surface
Business Meeting

...and it begins from the inside out.

We help you:


  • Get clarity about what's happening around you in racialized situations

  • Respond constructively instead of reacting with retreat, placating, attacking, dissociation, or distraction from the matter at hand

  • Step with confidence into your own anti-racist, "proculturator" path to make your unique difference in the world (hint: you're probably already doing it). 

  • Enjoy greater ease and skill in your everyday interactions and relationships

  • Feel the satisfaction that comes when you make a visible difference in the world 



  1. Apply here, individually or with a group of two or more. 

  2. Six month fee is $9,345. We'll either debit your account monthly, or you can pay in advance and receive a 5% discount ($467 off, so you pay 8878 up front instead of $9345 over six months)​​

  3. The program consists of two monthly 45-minute sessions, unlimited texts and emails, plus a bi-monthly drop-in with Cleo

  4. Sign up with a buddy, or in a group, and get an additional 5% or 10% off, plus a built-in structure to more deeply integrate your learnings

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