"Don't make me think" blurbs
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I don't often recommend things.

But this leadership training opportunity seems like a vital measure for these troubled times. Dr. Cleo Manago is a public figure, and one of the leading thinkers of African descent in undoing the effects of white supremacy on the Black psyche. His CDC-adopted, evidence-based frameworks inform his Deep Cultural Competence approach.


He has partnered with Jill Nagle, a multiply-published author and facilitator whose gentle yet powerful approach to transforming whiteness draws on her pioneering somatic coaching and counseling techniques, as well as decades of social justice advocacy, including work and study with Dr. Manago.


It's also a rare opportunity -- until now, Dr. Manago has not made himself available to work with white people, and he may be retiring in the next year or two. Learn more, or meet them at a shorter event, here:  http://evolutionaryworkplace.com/22ndcenturyleaders 

Want to make a difference?

I haven't known exactly what to do post George Floyd and Capitol insurrection. But one thing that seems certain is that we need leaders who can think and act effectively to dismantle white supremacy.
If this inspires you, please check out Jill Nagle and Dr. Cleo Manago's 22nd Century Leaders program starting in April: http://evolutionaryworkplace.com/22ndcenturyleaders 

Who do you know who wants a tremendous personal growth and leadership training opportunity that centers dismantling white supremacy from the inside out, as the both the path and the goal?


If you think that might be you, please check out Jill Nagle and Dr. Cleo Manago's 22nd Century Leaders program that starts in April: http://evolutionaryworkplace.com/22ndcenturyleaders