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DEIB Partner

I am getting ready to bid on some contracts, and am seeking an experienced, compatible/complementary partners. I am a white antiracist, Jewish, queerish, nonbinary-ish DEIB practitioner with a somatically-oriented approach and strong conceptual and social justice grounding. I would like another partner with someone of a different background (African, Asian, Indigenous, Middle Eastern or Latina/o/x descent) to bid on some proposals due soon for DEIB contract work. My current partners have full queues at the moment.


You and I both:


  • Value right- as well as left-brain approaches

  • Feel deeply and uncompromisingly committed to dismantling white supremacy mythology, and also to using appropriate strategies for each situation

  • Have experience with facilitation, coaching, and DEIB work

  • Have experience with collaborative decision-making, conflict resolution

  • Have deep commitment to and history of follow-through, delivering on our word, and exceeding customer expectations


In terms of how we represent ourselves in bidding on contracts, I am opening to partnering either as a collaboration with my firm and yours (or with my firm + you as an individual), or you could represent yourself as an associate of mine, and I could put you on my website. Either is fine with me.


More about me:


I founded in 2018 to translate my passion for social justice, dismantling white supremacy mythology, and somatically-grounded personal growth and transformational leadership development into a consultancy. 


Please send a cover letter to:

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