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Customized Training

Nurture a culture of vitality


  • Immediate rise in team engagement

  • Leadership coaching ensures long-term results

  • Employee retention metrics rise over time

Let's see if we're a great fit.

Successful Work Team

The Three-Phase Process:



Phase One: Research and Survey


We find out what's really true for your team members. This lays the groundwork for a truly customized program.


What are your team members' dreams, gifts, and challenges, and how do they map onto your mission statement? How do the team members engage now, and what would support even fuller engagement?

Deliverables: Written and verbal report, plus recommendation for customized training

Results: Knowledge of your team's strengths and opportunities to improve engagement, retention, and morale. A plan for getting there.

Phase Two: Team Training


Here, you get customized team training with leading-edge tools to foreground your team's strengths, engage their dreams, and support them in addressing their challenges.


Drawing from newly synthesized insights in language, human behavior, group dynamics, and  emotional intelligence, we nourish the roots that produce deeper engagement, increased morale, and higher retention.

Deliverables: 2-3 day-long customized team trainings

Results: A set of practices for increased engagement, retention, and morale





Discern and deliver


Test, refine,
regroup, repeat

Phase Three: Transformational
Leadership Development

Leaders get support and coaching to support and refine the new level of employee engagement.

You may have seen teams finish a training fired up with new skills, only to return to business-as-usual in short order.

Not so here. Leaders get tailor-made support to ensure that the training practices take hold, as well as skill upgrades to meet current and future challenges and opportunities.

Deliverables: Three 40-minute coaching sessions

each month, for each team leader, over a six-month

(or as needed) period. One monthly group coaching

and strategy call with all leaders.

Results: Continued increases in engagement, retention, and morale. Measurably enhanced communication, efficiency, and sense of belonging.

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