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You can bring Jill to your group or organization to lead a previously-given workshop, or one custom-tailored for your needs. Here's one well-received, transformative, and still timely workshop we've given a number of times:

White-on-white Conversations
Learn to have transformational conversations with people whose views on race are different from yours (more details on this workshop at the very bottom)


Here are some other workshops we've done or could do:

  • White Jews Dismantling White Supremacy

  • Black and White Conversations

  • "But I'm Not Racist!" -- Finding your Place in Today's Racial Climate

We can also work with you to tailor a workshop to your needs.

Here are some things past participants have said about our workshops:

"It was awesome and eye opening!"

"This workshop was well held, warm, vital, practical and most important, useful. I came away with specific skills I can use."

"It’s a fantastic introduction into undoing racism."

"The workshop allows you to assess and connect around issues of white privilege myth and creating conversation and change"

"This workshop provides valuable exercises for how to (and how NOT to) approach difficult conversations about race and racism. It gave some good tools for approaching this subject"

"Jill can help you connect to your deepest emotions around race and that can help you move away from anger and shame; and toward curiosity and compassion!"

"Jill creates a safe space for practicing new responses to uncomfortable situations."

"Jill & Cleo bring complementary areas of expertise that will deepen our capacity to be advocates, allies and accomplices by better preparing us to have meaningful conversations with White people operating at earlier mindsets on the continuum of intercultural agility. I'm excited about the mix of somatics, energy, NVC communication and analytical lenses they are bringing to our practice, and the community building potential over the 9 months."

"This workshop provides a powerful first step of recognizing that we can make strides toward bridging the chasm between those of us who "see the light" and those on whom we so easily simply give up because CLEARLY (at least with the wrong toolkit) we will never be able to force them to "get it". This workshop takes that valuable first step toward building a better toolkit for real communication.

"This workshop was a helpful & clear refresher on the core principals of having difficult conversations. I love how it was experiential -- I feel like I really got to feel the lesson as opposed to just learning the concepts, which has helped me to feel less scared about talking about hard things!"

"If you want to do the hard work of facing your own internal/external racism, this is a safe place to do so."

"This workshop helped me gain confidence and skills in having all sorts of difficult conversations, including about race. Thank you."

"I am going to suggest it to my Race Equity counseling group and say it is very useful in practicing conversations about race with other white people."

"An insightful, introspective process to further our learning and impact on reversing white supremacy"

"Learning and roleplaying more effective responses and seeing the racial patterns embedded in language"

"It's a workshop which provides tools and practice for effectively talking to other white people about race along with good information about white supremacy, linguistics and a bit of neuroscience."

Contact us about bringing this work to your organization

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White-on-white Conversations
More workshop details

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 1.51.10 PM.png

If you're white*, teachable, and can have a conversation, the world needs you right now:

  • The U.S. is already experience, and poised for additional, escalating violence

  • We can de-escalate this violence one conversation at a time

  • These skills are teachable and learnable, over time, and with practice

  • We can magnify the effects of such conversations by sharing videos of transformative conversations (more on that below)

  • Please join with the intent to have transformative conversations with the "other" white people in your life.

*This workshop is especially but not exclusively for light-skinned people of European descent and those who receive white privilege to practice their skills in conversation with other white people . People of African, Asian, Indigenous, and Latina/o/x descent are also welcome. In the service of dismantling white supremacy from the inside out, we embrace slow white beginnings, white fumbling, white tears, and white people at all stages of this work who share our goals. As such, racist attitudes may be role-played, and well-meaning/unaware white racism may be witnessed. We hold with care the feelings of anyone who has experienced racism, in the room with us or not, as we work with these intentions. We'll breathe, speak from the heart, bring water, infuse the work with lots of love, and take breaks as needed as we stumble forward.


  • White people are in an ideal position to reach other white people who may pose a threat to people of African, Asian, Latina/o/x, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, or Jewish descent. Those white people are our friends, family, former friends, estranged family, and so on.

  • If we refuse to engage with those "other white people," we abdicate a vital use of our white privilege to preempt violence, leaving people of other ethnic descents will be left to potentially bear the brunt of the "other white people's" unresolved racism.

  • When we "cancel" (put down, call names) people we disagree with, we use the tools of white supremacy and toxic patriarchy to further fuel polarization. Instead, in this group, we'll use somatic (body-based) compassion, and self-healing/regulation to connect with ourselves and the person before us to create permanent transformation, from the inside out.

  • Engaging people who express racist views feels challenging to most of us. However, it also bring rewards, including finding community, doing a unique kind of good, gaining transferable skills, and possibly helping to prevent civil war.

  • Let's support each other, have fun, and learn while we help prevent further violence.


  • The introductory workshop is two hours long, and can be conducted in person or by Zoom. Its purpose is to introduce participants to the basics of the work, and raise their skill and confidence level in having anti-racist white-on-white conversations.

  • The follow-on workshop is weekly or bi-weekly over three months, six months, or ongoing. We will work with you to determine the best format for your organization.

Background Reading/Preparation (optional):

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