Congratulations on taking an important step in dismantling white supremacy — beginning the extremely tough process of mastering your own inner world enough to start meaningful conversations with other white people, whose views on race are different from your own.

Now what?  
How can we continue this work?

Here are a number of ideas:

  1. Feedback. Take three minutes to let us know what went well, and what we could do better in delivering this important work. Tell us here.

  2. Keep in touch! Join Jill and Cleo and many others in the facebook group Whites Dismantling white Supremacy. Make sure to answer all the qualifying  questions (other people approve the requests).

  3. Download the Evolutionary Conversations guide (includes graphic you saw in the workshop) here.

  4. I'll stay in touch. Specifically, I'll send you one email with a clear message for how to stay on my list, or leave it.

  5. Repeat this workshop free (use code WDWS for whites dismantling white supremacy), and/or

  6. Come to the next day-long (with a nice long break in the middle) and get more practice and more context. See when these are next offered here

  7. Get support, community, and deep, powerful tools to lead this work over the long term. Learn more about the 22nd Century Leaders program Cleo and Jill are leading starting in April here.

  8. If you already know you'd like to apply for the 22nd Century Leaders program, go straight here to the application.

  9. READ 

        Stuff by Jill:



Big love to you in this journey!!!

You are good, you belong, and you have an important part to play as this next chapter

of history unfolds.
Thank you so much again for joining us.


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